How To Make An
Email Marketing Campaign

Any business looking to find and maintain success needs to market itself. The opportunities for this are plentiful, whether you opt to go digital or explore a more traditional route.

One tactic that a lot of businesses find to be particularly beneficial is to use email marketing. It allows you to target thousands of customers on a personal level, thereby increasing credibility, brand recognition, and sales.

For such a campaign to achieve the best results, though, you need to employ the right tactics. These five tips should help with that.

Convince People to Sign Up

It’s hard to pull off an effective email marketing campaign if you don’t have anyone to email. What you need is for people to sign up through your website, and there are several ways to convince them to do that.

One of the best things you can do is to offer an incentive of sorts. This might be something like a discount on their first purchase, which will likely appeal to anyone already contemplating buying from you. If they think the benefit is worth giving their email away, they won’t hesitate to sign up.

Of course, the offer often won’t work if the process of giving you their details is too much of a hassle. Make sure that you only ask for essential information – i.e. their name and email address – and put the signup form somewhere prominent. People aren’t typically going to go searching for this sort of thing, so you need to make it stand out on the website.

Make the Content Personal

When you’re sending out emails to thousands of people, you can’t tailor each one to every individual. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize the content.

Do what you can to ensure that the email doesn’t just feel like another piece of communication trying to sell something the customer may or may not want. They should be inclined to buy your product or service because they like you and want to support the business, not because you’ve told them to.

A little bit of humor can go a long way in these emails, as can avoiding any vocabulary that may confuse the reader. It also doesn’t hurt to design the content to be visually appealing, using imagery to prevent the email from coming across as boring. After all, few people are going to read it if it’s hard to look at.

Use Automation

Using automation to send your emails might seem impersonal, but that’s not actually the case. If you input the correct information and keep everything updated, you’ll ensure that everyone receives communication at the right time for them.

You can achieve all your automation needs through this email marketing software. Designed for sending emails in the tens of thousands, it integrates easily with what you need it to so your marketing campaign never falls through. No matter how many people you want to reach or when you want to reach them, coordinating everything through this software is as simple as necessary.

Keep an Eye on Analytics

The best marketing campaigns are ones that you can change as and when the need arises. It’s no good having a fixed campaign out there for six months if you discover after a week or two that people aren’t responding to it.

Email marketing is a lot easier to alter and improve upon than something like a TV ad but pulling this off requires you to keep an eye on your analytics. This will tell you where things are going wrong, so you know where changes need to be made. Metrics you want to keep an eye on include open rates, conversion rates, and the amount of unsubscribes.

By watching how these areas perform, you can determine whether your campaign is working or not. If it’s the latter, you’ll know that changes need to be made and potentially where, too. Reaching out to customers and asking for feedback regarding the emails can also help with this.

Optimize for Mobile Devices

Every business operating in the 21st century should have their emails optimized for mobile. Smartphone users account for a significant per cent of the global population, so it stands to reason that many of your recipients will check your communications on such devices.

If your emails aren’t yet optimized for smartphones and tablets, it’s worth following these tips. They should help make your content easier to digest on smaller devices so that people aren’t immediately put off. Your marketing campaign needs customers to actually look at what you’re sending them if it’s going to be successful.

It’s good to utilize different methods when marketing your business, as it ensures a broader reach and helps boost the brand recognition you’re after. Email is definitely one of the avenues you want to explore, though, and with these tactics, you should start seeing results.