Survival Tips for
The Zombie Apocalypse
According to The Internet

The Cordyceps fungus and the T-Virus led to an uncontrollable zombie outburst that spooked every gamer. But, what if the same in-game experience you had when you saw a zombie tear up human flesh was brought to reality?

In apocalyptic games and movies, the lead character always ends up surviving. So, how worse can it get? But what if you are the random side character, who is first to become a quick zombie meal? Learning how to survive a zombie apocalypse in games seems easy only when a professional gamer does it. The only way out is to visualize that you are in a zombie virus-ridden game where every decision and move counts.

If you happen to be a noob at survival games who could not get past defeating Nemesis in Resident Evil 3, then your chances of survival are relatively low. Well, well what would you do then?

So, would you prefer being devoured to end your misery or do you have the fervor to shine as a hero? If you chose the latter and have proudly accepted you are a noob, keep reading until you have a burst of motivation to outweigh these apex predators once and for all!

1. Evaluate the Circumstances… Or Maybe Not?

There has been a random zombie apocalypse outburst and we want you to evaluate the situation!

Now you must be thinking of ways to distract yourself from this unforeseen reality, and your high-speed AT&T Internet would be a great choice for that purpose. But what if your internet is not working and your internet service provider is not answering your calls. Hell, they might have been devoured already.

In a time where you should panic, choose not to panic. The ultimate solution is to assess the solution and make decisions accordingly. Surely, it sounds easier said than done and we do somewhat believe you would panic and run into the hoard of zombies. Let that sink in for now.

2. Protect Thyself

You would not be given a short prologue of why the outbreak happened in the first place. It could be a human experiment gone wrong or a nuclear calamity. Whatever the reason is, you have to make sure to protect yourself at all costs. You would not roam about random premises and ‘accidentally’ find an armored suit for protection against zombies.

The go-to place for survivors is always either Walmart or a convenience store that coincidentally happens to have every piece of equipment the protagonist needs. That’s unlikely to happen. In reality, you would only panic and grab whatever is in your sight.

But we have a pro tip for you – make sure you grab as many first-aid kits as you can in case, you are bitten. Not sure how effective a bandage would be against the virus but something is better than nothing.

3. DIY Survival Weapons

Do not wait to throw whatever comes into your hand amid a zombie showdown. Because news flash – you will die. If you think hiding and stealth running will save you then guess who’s getting a winner-winner chicken dinner? The zombie army.

Try avoiding any face-to-face confrontations with the zombies but if you do, you need to be prepared before turning into zombie food. A loot box won’t fall out of the sky accidentally. The only way out of this catastrophic situation is to gather random objects, be it a shovel or a kitchen knife, and then shove them into your backpack.

We got you there, didn’t we? Even a fool would say keeping essential weapons in your backpack is not a good idea. It will take you ages to take out your kitchen knife. Zombies would jump you before you even get the chance to swing your knife at them.

Either equip yourself with a baseball bat or put a small knife in the side pocket of your jeans. BUT, we cannot guarantee you would get out with minor scratches.

4. Partner Up with Survivors

If you’re going to be eaten or infected anyway then why spend the time you have left alone. Surely, survivors will be out there marking territories or base camps but not all of them are going to be smart enough to survive until the end.

Some of them could just be noobs at the gamble to survive and are likely to get you eaten through their wrong decisions. You would need to be very smart about who to keep close and who you should not. Because you never know if someone out there is waiting to offer you a zombie sacrifice to save their backs.

Be vigilant and be firm with your agenda to make it out alive. Do not let your emotions get the best of you by fighting and arguing. Keep your allies close and gather as many necessary supplies as you can to venture out from the nightmare.

5. Carpooling Is a Bad Idea

Would you prefer to walk past the dead or choose to drive your Mitsubishi? Well, neither works. You can both run to an extent and surely, your vehicle will run out of gas eventually. Our key recommendation would be to go Mad Max but again, this is real life, and a noisy vehicle will get you screwed over.

Still, a huge truck would give you more chances of survival as you can just run over the zombies, and viola; you are out of the zombie hoard. Make sure you have your allies with you in the car so there’s always backup to fight off the zombies. But never resort to carpooling as zombies will likely surround you while you wait for other survivors to get inside the car. Or you could use them as distractions or zombie feed to save yourself from the mindless predators. Whatever floats your boat.

Time To Pew Some Zombies!

We can give you a hundred reasons why a zombie apocalypse is not fictitious. It is likely to happen and when it does, either your decision-making ability will help you live through the apocalypse or have you killed. So, do not rage quit the Resident Evil games you have not been able to complete and keep lunging zombies until you perfect your aim. Show everyone you are not a noob but a hero who never runs away!