Incredibly Early Super Bowl LVI Predictions

For football fans across the globe, it’s never not a good time to talk about football, especially predicting who might be coming out on top and winning the prized Lombardi trophy in the Super Bowl. Some of the biggest wagering platforms in the world are already pulling out the best odds to bet on super bowl for football fans to bet online on who they think already has the best chances to take Super Bowl LVI. While some die-hard fans will always go with their favorite team as their first pick, yeah Jets and Jaguars fans, that one is for you, others actually leave team fandom aside and make some sound picks, here’s who we think are looking best to take it all next season.

Kansas City Chiefs

With the Kansas City Chiefs, especially after having Patrick Mahomes II take helm of their offense in the starting qb position the matter is not if they’ll make the playoffs or even the Super Bowl. Now the matter is how many times they’ll win the Super Bowl as long as Mahomes and company are around running things in KC. Since Mahomes entered the league and took over the QB job for the Chiefs they have managed to make it to three AFC Championship games and two Super Bowls.

So yeah, the real question here shouldn’t be if the Chiefs are favored for taking part in next year’s Super Bowl because of course they are. The real question is how good the odds are going to be and how many times over, season after season will football fans, especially Kansas City fans, be able to make some good money betting on the Chiefs making the Super Bowl even before the season has started.

Baltimore Ravens

Next, given what this team has shown after pulling off a move like the Chiefs did, give a rookie QB the direction of the offense and take a leap of faith with them, we have to put the Baltimore Ravens up there in the Super Bowl prediction pecking order. Lamar Jackson’s story with the Ravens is one full of underdog emotions and redemption. Football fans can surely recall Lamar Jackson being the last QB drafted in the first round of his draft class.

For many analysts it was already a big mistake to have Jackson fall so far down the draft order, but Baltimore saw in the former Louisville all-star the man they needed for the future. Lamar Jackson has become one of the best QB’s in the league and has made the Ravens team, who was already great in defense an offensive powerhouse. Baltimore’s route to a Super Bowl, and a Super Bowl win is getting clearer and clearer now that Jackson is around.

Buffalo Bills

Last but not least, a team who has the most loyal, most deserving of a big win like a Super Bowl title fan base in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills. It wasn’t long ago when the Bills were one of the laughing stocks of the league, never being able to accomplish more than beating their other sad division rivals and maybe giving the Patriots a run for their money in their divisional matchups, but oh have times changed. Just like with KC and Baltimore, the Ravens decided a couple of years ago to give the direction of their offense to a rookie quarterback and boy has the kid paid it forward.

Josh Allen, of course with the company of guys like Cole Beasley and Steffon Diggs has turned the Buffalo Bills into one of the most exciting offenses in the league. All this while Buffalo quietly but strongly builds one of the strongest defensive lines and a secondary that just screams danger for any offense. Bills Mafia fans, get the tables ready, because believe it or not the Bills are much closer to being able to win a Super Bowl than they are to failing again. Who knows, maybe 2022 will be the year the Bills go back to the biggest game of the season, hopefully Costco will have enough plastic tables for the Bills Mafia to break.