4 Health: Horizon Europe Calls for Proposals 2021

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the weakness and inefficiencies in the world’s health system and European health were exposed. Health is now a European priority as the world is trying to deal with the consequences of this health crisis. Fortunately, several Horizon Europe calls for proposals 2021 support EU health; they have a significant budget for funding the transition to a safe and resilient future.The Horizon Europe is a critical funding program that supports innovation and research in Europe. The program has a budget of more than €95.5 billion, and there are numerous European funding opportunities you can apply for.

Do you have an innovative idea about health? Are you an innovator, researcher, or health professional? Then, learning about the high budget Horizon Europe calls for proposal 2021 is essential in helping you fund your innovative projects and making an impact.

How Can You Find Horizon Europe Calls for Proposals 2021?

It would be best to take advantage of innovative platforms when searching for Horizon Europe calls for proposals 2021. Becoming a platform member saves you time when searching for the right call that most suits your needs. In addition, the platform helps you find the right partners to work with.

Below is a list of 4 Horizon Europe calls for proposal 2021 to make things easier for you.

European Partnership on Transforming Health and Care Systems

Program: HORIZON-HLTH-2022-CARE-10-01
Budget: €100,000,000
Description: several reasons subject the European health care system to severe stress. These reasons include demographic changes, fiscal constraints, public health emergencies, and technological progress. The COVID-19 pandemic particularly highlights the existing weaknesses in the health care and also emphasizes areas that require extra effort, planning, and resources. Furthermore, there is a need for urgent responses in rapid technological and societal evolutions for increasing citizens demands and expectations. 

Also, it is essential to accelerate the transition towards more efficient, resilient, sustainable, accessible, and innovative health care systems across Europe. Therefore, creating a research and innovation (R&I) partnership that focuses on health care systems transformations represents unique strategic opportunities for bringing stakeholders together. Furthermore, it is ideal for coordinating R&I actions, creating synergies, facilitating health care services digitization, and supporting health care systems transformation using innovative solutions driven by evidence and knowledge.
Deadline: 21-04-2022

Development of new effective therapies for rare diseases

Program: HORIZON-HLTH-2022-DISEASE-06-04-two-stage
Budget: €60,000,000
Description: in recent years, there has been considerable accumulated knowledge and newly developed orphan medicines. However, the number of available therapies remains low for rare diseases because fewer than 6% of rare diseases have an approved treatment. 

After evaluating orphan medicinal products and pediatric medicines regulations, it can be concluded that the regulations boost the development of new therapies for rare diseases. Nevertheless, there hasn’t been adequate direct research and innovation management in significantly unmet medical needs areas. Furthermore, even though there is no approved therapeutic option, there is still ab urgent medical need for developing rare diseases therapies
Deadline: 01-02-2022

Vaccines 2.0 – Developing the next generation of vaccines

Program: HORIZON-HLTH-2022-DISEASE-06-03-two-stage
Budget: €40,000,000
Description: antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) infections and other infectious diseases threaten health and health security in the EU and globally. The most cost-effective preventive measure against the threat of AMR pathogens and epidemics is the availability of accessible, effective, and affordable vaccines. Also, for achieving the WHOP target for controlling the spread of infectious diseases, it is essential to have vaccines against diseases like AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis-C, water-borne diseases, and neglected tropical diseases. However, some of these vaccines first generation are suboptimal and not effective for protecting the population. Usually, viruses with pandemic potential vary in their surface antigen composition. Therefore, novel technologies are necessary for developing efficient vaccines against each variant of the virus within a short timeframe. Furthermore, sustaining a diverse and modernized vaccine development pipeline is essential in ensuring that the vaccines against major infectious diseases are accessible, affordable, and above all, a reality.
Deadline: 01-02-2022

New Methods For effectively using real-world data and synthetic data in regulatory decision making and health technology assessment

Program: HORIZON-HLTH-2022-TOOL-11-02
Budget: €35,000,000
Description: through independent analysis, regulators and HTA bodies perform targeted claims validation using emerging real-world data (RWD) and synthetic data from the pharmaceutical and medical devices industry. Addressing the data needs of HTA and health regulatory bodies is the principal aim of this topic.

Targeted research on the evidentiary value of data for several relevant use cases is necessary for harnessing the potential of RWD and synthetic data, making them actionable for health technology assessment and health regulatory decision-making. Furthermore, it is essential to develop methods that increase the usability of data by different stakeholder groups.
Deadline: 21-04-2022


The pandemic revealed the weaknesses in the world’s healthcare system. Consequently, there are several Horizon Europe calls for proposals 2021 with a budget for supporting health. Researchers, health care professionals, and innovators can apply for funding for their innovative projects.