Short Links on TikTok:
Tips Marketers Need to Know
Desiree Johnson

TikTok has taken social media by storm and shows no signs of slowing down. TikTok has grown in popularity for the bite-sized mobile content that allows users to make five second to three-minute-long videos that can be curated with effects and music directly from your phone. Within the span of minutes your video becomes discoverable content for TikTok’s  global user base that has over one billion active users. For marketers, influencers, brands, and businesses, TikTok has become the go-to social app for connecting with Gen-Z audiences and engaging them in playful, quirky, fun, and innovative videos via dance crazes or viral challenges.

TikTok marketing has taken on a life of its own as brands have been able to engage and connect with audiences faster than other social media apps due to the algorithm that allows anyone to consume your content. It’s quickly and easily done from your home office or your garage, no fancy setup required. This provides businesses with ample opportunity to plan coordinated content campaigns that don’t require a specific aesthetic or mood; you can start TikTok videos tomorrow from your desk. Marketers can promote products, collaborations with influencers, create ads, or organic content to promote their business and build brand credibility with an audience looking to connect with authentic content.

Today’s modern business relies heavily on social media to build brand awareness, develop community, and funnel traffic from their content to their products. TikTok is being used to build brand credibility by allowing businesses to create branded channels where they can develop highly engaged followings with their target audience. The demographic of a TikTok user falls between ages 10-29 so businesses can tailor their content to match the content younger audiences enjoy consuming, which can manufacture authentic virality. One of the crown jewels of turning a view into a click is that your product or website is accessible via short links.

Short Links on TikTok

Short links have had a long tenure with social media apps from Instagram to Twitter, and TikTok is no exception. Links are the bridge that takes a customer from viewing your page or posts to your product or website. Viewers spend hours scrolling TikTok and being consumed with fun and vivacious videos that can be as entertaining as a dance craze or as simple as a DIY tutorial for improving their office space. The only boundaries of creativity are the ones the creator has, which means marketers can get very strategic with how they promote new products, services, and support campaign initiatives. Marketers can drive more traffic to dedicated product and landing pages using the link-in-bio feature. When you create a TikTok business account you are given access to this powerful feature that has proved to be a big benefit to small and enterprise level businesses.

When you combine short links with TikTok, you’re priming your TikTok account for success. You can tailor your links to whatever product, service, or niche campaign you are promoting using custom back-halves which can increase brand awareness and build engagement with your followers. If you are working with an influencer, you can pre-customize all of your links in advance and then bulk share the links with your collaborator to ensure brand consistency across TikTok. You can also track and monitor your link performance from the moment it goes live so you can make better data-driven decisions when using your links. Links can be easily used on video content to send viewers to product pages, brand sponsorships, and more.

Short Links Best Practices on TikTok

Now that we’ve covered all the TikTok basics it’s time to dive into how you can use short links on your page to help market your brand or business. Using the link-in-bio feature allows you to optimize your short link with a single click. Whether you’re a blogger, content creator, or developer, your short link can be used to help promote your business. Here are a few ways to use short links on your account:

  • Your business or personal website: Don’t miss the opportunity to drive users to your dedicated landing page where you showcase your business and highlight what sets you apart from competition.
  • Your blog: Blogging remains a vital component of connecting with visitors and allowing them to engage in helpful or informative content.
  • A product page: Whether it’s a new product or plan, you can use your TikTok account to sell, market, and teach viewers about your product and how to use it.
  • Your other social media accounts: If you’re looking to drive awareness and engagement towards your other accounts, you can use your short link to keep customers connected.
  • Your eCommerce site: People love to shop, but don’t always have the time to look for your shop, link your eCommerce site using your short link.

If done right, using short links on TikTok can help you gain followers, promote your business, and increase awareness around your products and services. What are you waiting for?

Desiree Johnson is a professional writer with over a decade of expertise in social management and branding. She is currently a content creator at Bitly.