Plug In South La’s 3rd Tech Accelerator Program to Empower Entrepreneurs & Create Opportunities in Black & Latinx Communities

Plug In South LA has launched its third cohort accelerator program to help fund and grow some of the most dynamic start-up and early-stage businesses and business owners in Black and Latinx communities. The accelerator – which will develop the vision of entrepreneurs in healthcare tech, edtech, fintech, cleantech, fashion, media, and gaming – aims to level the playing field and provide these minority-owned businesses with resources that will help narrow the funding gap compared to traditional Silicon Valley access. Over 85 companies applied to the exclusive and prestigious program, and 10 were accepted; more information can be found at

The 3rd Plug In accelerator will provide its cohort of entrepreneurs and founders with tools to scale their businesses and position themselves to raise crucial funding. The accelerator also includes a 13-week intensive session to help founders succeed on all aspects of growth, from deal-making and partnerships to pilot programs, investor management, strategic development, and more. Founders in the cohort already have raised upwards of $1 to 2 million in financing, from seed to early-stage rounds.

The entrepreneurs and tech start-up founders in the 2022 accelerator will include: Dr. NanaEfua Afoh-Manin of Shared Harvest Fund (healthcare tech); Dr. Steven Moyo of Welfie (healthcare tech); Rodney Bell of Butterfly Health (healthcare tech); Kameale Terry of ChargerHelp! (cleantech/sustainability); Ashley Williams of RIZZARR (media); Kyra Peralte of The Traveling Diary (media); Leonard Tatum of Tatum Games (gaming); SergeAmouzou of Finpro (fintech); Zef Neemuchwala of Be A Maker Club (edtech); and Mitchella Gilbert of Oya Apparel (fashion).  Mentors in this year’s program include executives from CHCF, Gunderson, California Health Care Foundation, as well as other industry leaders who will be available for consultations and office hours including Courtside Ventures, RareBreed Ventures, and Zeal Capital Partners, among others.

“We are keen to help Founders secure capital and investment plus help them leverage the LA start ecosystem to develop traction and momentum around their company,” notes Derek Smith, Founder of Plug In South LA.

Plug In South LA also created and runs Urban Tech Connect, a prominent annual business conference that equips tech company founders from African American, LatinX, and under-represented communities in Los Angeles and beyond with a platform to plug in to the greater technology ecosystem and to network with other founders, VC’s, angel investors, tech influencers, and industry leaders.

About Plug In South LA

Plug In South LA is disrupting the tech industry as a whole by unleashing the untapped and under-represented talent pool within the black and Latinx community, taking startups and professional careers to soaring heights through next-level networking. As the tech industry grows, so does Plug IN. We believe in the power of equity and diversity within the tech landscape, from empowering our founders and entrepreneurs, to nurturing the career trajectory of professionals and integrating talent with VCs and potential partners through meaningful exposure. As the central hub for these efforts, PISLA has helped countless startups and individuals accelerate their growth and empower their missions. Innovation within Plug In comes from conferences, accelerators, tech demos, workshops, and intimate power huddles. Our programs help members to navigate challenges through connecting to our elite network of mentors, advisors, industry experts, investors, and more. Plug In’s Accelerator program provides a pathway for the next generation of entrepreneurs through the aid of an intimate cohort of founders who help grow and scale the startups, while the annual Urban Tech Connect Conference consistently renews the cycle of networking and mentorship year-to-year as Plug In members and associates adapt, the tech industry evolves, and new talent enters the workforce. Apply today to help us facilitate this meaningful change!