Car Dealer eCommerce:
How to Improve Customer Experience

Not too long ago, our movement was restricted, and physical shopping was almost impossible. We went from walking into physical stores to purchasing just about anything on the internet. Even for the seemingly big goods, we can go through a catalog online, make a choice, check out the item, and in some cases, have it delivered. Such major changes have brought a need for upgrades in the marketing and customer experience aspect of e-commerce among car dealers.

This article will address improving customer experience for online car dealers.

Let’s jump right in.

User-Friendly Apps and Websites

A customer’s first contact with your online business is your website. One of such is There they get familiar with products and the services being offered and they decide if they can meet their needs. Problems arise when the website isn’t user-friendly. To determine if your website or app is user friendly, answer the following questions:

  • Is my website or app engaging with easy-to-read text?
  • Is a search button included to enable customers to search for specific cars?
  • Are my goods organized in different categories?
  • How fast do images load on the page, and how much time does it take to add contents to a cart?

A simple yet efficient feature you can include is a car dealer live chat.


This is a key element in improving your customer’s satisfaction. The question is, how do you do it over the internet? Start from your email list. Add the customer’s name to any emails you send to them. Also, use data collected like their car-browsing history, location, and cart information to suggest similar products or direct them to free coupons on those items and reviews from other purchasers.

In addition, you can include a live chat option for customers to directly reach you with questions, complaints, reviews, and others. That option can cover a live video call with a potential customer who would like a closer look at a car. Outsource ecommerce could be an easier way to do this

Build A Trust-Worthy Product Page

There are a lot of “what I ordered vs. what I got” stories circling the internet today. Such stories are the reason why many people have trust issues with e-commerce. You need to prove to existing and potential customers that you’re not being deceptive. It starts with your product page. Ensure that clear images of the cars are uploaded to your website. Don’t just stick with exterior pictures; your customers would like to see and vet the interior as well. Provide a descriptive copy for all cars. Indicate if the products are new, fairly used, in stock, or out of stock. All these details assist in building trust.

Simplified Checkout Process

It would be a real bummer to go through a product page and find a car best suited for your needs but be unable to check out. After everything is said and done, an effective checkout process is crucial for a better customer experience and sales.

So, make different checkout options available for customers, all transactions must be carried out securely, and the cart shouldn’t be hard to reach.

Having an online store is an excellent way to reach even more people and let your goods and services satisfy them. The tips above are definitely a start in the right direction.