Situations That Warrant The Help
Of An Employment Lawyer

You spend most of your time in the workplace, and things are bound to go wrong during the frequent interactions with your employer and coworkers. While some workplace disagreements and conflicts have a legal basis, others do not. So, what is the way to go when you face a serious conflict in the workplace that affects your wellbeing? That is where an employment lawyer comes in.

An employment lawyer specializes in employment law and helps protect your rights and interest as an employee. Here are some situations that warrant the help of employment lawyers such as Hayber, McKenna, & Dinsmore.

You Have Been Fired, Laid Off, Or Terminated Wrongfully

One of the reasons you might need the help of an employment lawyer is when you are laid off, fired, or terminated without a just cause. According to the employment contract and laws, employment law protects employees from wrongful termination; therefore, an employer cannot fire you without a valid reason.

If you are terminated wrongfully, an employment lawyer can help you file for unemployment lawsuit. You may be able to receive your salary as you look for new employment, or your lawyer may negotiate a severance package that includes compensation in exchange for relieving the company of liabilities.

Harassment Or Discrimination In The Workplace

Unfortunately, some employees still face discrimination and harassment in the workplace in this time and age. Workplace discrimination refers to unfair treatment by your employer or workmate based on race, religion, age, gender, tribe, or disability.

If the discrimination affects your recruitment, promotion, job assignments, or wages, you can sue your employer. Employment law is also helpful if you are sexually harassed or assaulted at work.

Benefits Denial

Your employers may be obligated to pay several benefits such as health insurance or pension, depending on your employment contract and employment laws. It is wrong for an employer to deny their workers benefits to save money.

You should also engage an employment lawyer if your employer doesn’t pay the minimum wage or overtime. They can negotiate the issue with the management or file a case if legal action is necessary.

Breach Of An Employment Contract

Another situation that warrants an employment lawyer’s help is when there is a breach of an employment contract. If there is a breach of the agreement on the employer’s part, you have the right to sue them.

Protection after whistleblowing

You can benefit from an employment lawyer if you speak up about a situation in the workplace and your employer or workmates take action against you.

Understand Employment Contracts

An employment lawyer is also helpful when you need advice regarding employment contracts before signing them. Employment contracts can be complicated to understand, and it is good to know what you are getting yourself into beforehand. An employment lawyer knows employment laws in your state and other aspects that come into play on employment law matters and can advise you accordingly.

Summing Up

You need an employment lawyer for advice on employment contracts and any matter concerning employment law.