Why It’s Critical To Learn Google Sheets For Your Future Career
Franco Colomba

When you are looking for ways to elevate your career early on or get a head start in your career, you need to keep up with the technological tools that can help you to do that.

Gone are the days when only knowing Microsoft Word could land you your own desk. You need to become a master of Google Suite, where you can use Docs, Sheets, and so much more.

Google Sheets has changed the way many people are functioning in the office. It is even becoming more widely used than Google Docs or Word in many cases. If you want to bring your career to the next level, understanding how and why you need Google Sheets will help. Learn about the many career-changing benefits of Google Sheets that you can use in any industry.

The World Uses Google Sheets

Thousands if not millions of job interviews in the world today, every day, are asking candidates if they use or know how to use Google Sheets. It’s a critical job skill now. You may not need to know how to use it proficiently, but you may need to be aware of what it is and what to do with it.

Google Sheets is not just a tool for number crunching, you need it for data analysis as well.

Enter, add, subtract, multiply, and divide are all just a few things you can start with. You can also filter, sort, search, compare, contrast, duplicate, and locate whatever you need from a data set.

Because of all of this, every industry is using Google Sheets now. Where Excel was once the place to keep your numbers, Google Sheets has arrived. You can do everything from creating a press release to a fundraising report here, where you would sweat more in its development elsewhere.

A More Marketable Employee

You become a more marketable employee when you can use Google Sheets effectively. Even if you never use Google Sheets on the job you are interviewing for, saying that you can do it makes you more appealing. This skill you have that some other candidates just won’t have. Knowing Google Sheets can put you ahead of the game.

At the same time, if you do need it for the job, you enter the job more prepared than some other candidates. Hiring managers know this. They know you will cost less to train when you reach that desk they need to fill up. Learn Google Sheets and become an easier employee to hire and work with.

The Productivity Boost is Exceptional

When you have a skill like Google Sheets on your desktop, your work life is instantly more productive. It’s like the difference between having a hammer or not having a hammer on your construction desk. Your productivity is increased, and you become a better worker.

Even if you can’t show this to an employer in a job interview, when you mention you have this skill, the employer sees you as a productive employee. Employees that use Google Sheets can solve problems and answer questions and participate in discussions that improve productivity in the workplace. It is also a productivity skill you can take from one workplace to the other, and employers know this as well.

The Many Benefits of Formulas

There are many formulas you can use in Google Sheets that can make work life and your workdays simpler. You can use sums and averages to start, but that is only the beginning. To use a formula in Google Sheets, you just need to enter “=” in the cell and enter the formula you want to use. In Google Sheets, ranges of cells are noted with parenthesis and a colon in between instead of the word “to.”

So, for a sum, you would have “=Sum (A2:B2)”.

This is just the beginning of Google Sheets. Conditional formatting is a skill you can bring up in a job interview that says you understand the importance of Google Sheets. A conditional formula is a formula that is written so that one element of your sheet is a condition of another factor. So, maybe you want to see how many red balls there are if the order comes in during July. You may use a CountIF counting conditional formula. Your formula may look something like this:

=CountIF (A1:a5, “July”)

Learn Google Sheets

When you are entering the workforce or looking for ways to elevate your career early in your career, learning Google Sheets is an invaluable step in the right direction.

This is now an application that is used worldwide in every industry, available on any device in the world, and offers the benefits of improved productivity and enhanced marketability in the job market.

Start learning Google Sheets today using helpful websites like Productivity Spot, and see the difference it makes in your job hunt.