TWTRCON DC 2009 Agenda

Join the Real-Time Revolution

Transforming Business, Government and Non-Profits

7:30 am Registration & Breakfast
8:00 am Pre-Conference Keynote
Twitter for Business 101This session will answer the questions you have about starting to use Twitter for your business. Whether you’re new to Twitter or simply looking to sharpen your skills, this pre-conference is designed to establish a common level of understanding of the basics: How is micro-sharing different from blogging or social networks? What can we use Twitter for? How do we use it to engage our audience? How do we govern Twitter use by employees? How can we measure success?

  • Laura Fitton,
8:50 am Networking Break
9:00 am Welcome and Overview
9:05 am Keynote Interview
The Power of Real Time CommunitiesHow micro-blogging powers communities–and the benefits for business, government and society.

  • Craig Newmark, Founder, craigslist

Moderator: Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor & Executive Editor Online, The Wall Street Journal

9:35 am Panel
Real-Time BrandsWhy every business needs a Twitter strategy to engage customers and drive revenues.

  • Mike DiLorenzo, Director of Social Media Marketing & Strategy, National Hockey League
  • Brian Dresher, Audience Acquisition Marketing Manager, USA Today
  • Josh Karpf, Manager, Digital Communications, PepsiCo
  • Amy Reed, President, Chick Downtown

Moderator: Laura Fitton, Principal,

10:15 am Case Study
Can Twitter Save the Newspaper?A look at the role of social networks in disseminating the news.

  • Alan Murray, Deputy Managing Editor & Executive Editor Online, The Wall Street Journal
10:30 am Live Case Study
Twitter In ActionTWTRCON DC attendees participate in a live Twitter fundraising campaign.

  • Charles Best, CEO,
10:40 am Networking Break
11:10 am Case Study
The BrandividualCMO Nigel Dessau will describe how Twitter provides value for AMD: the ability to talk directly to its target audience of analysts, investors, journalists, customers and enthusiasts to help build a world-class corporate brand.

  • Nigel Dessau, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, AMD
11:30 am Panel
The Real-Time OrganizationHow Twitter is transforming organizational cultures and structures—and the legal, regulatory and policy issues that need to be addressed.

  • Nigel Dessau, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, AMD
  • John Shea, Public Information Officer for New Media, FEMA
  • Ambre Morley, Associate Director of Product Communications, Novo Nordisk
  • Capt. Chris Sukach, Chief, Emerging Technology, Air Force Public Affairs Agency

Moderator: David Armano, Senior Partner, Dachis Group

12:10 pm Real-Time Tools

  • Andreas Wilkens, Co-Founder, TweetFunnel
12:15 pm Case Study
Twitter and Recruiting

  • Jessica Lee, Senior Employment Manager, APCO Worldwide
  • Kerry Noone, Marketing Communications Manager, Sodexo USA, Talent Acquisition Group
12:30 pm Real-Time Tools

  • Chris McGill, CEO, TweetMixx
12:35 pm Real-Time Tools
Attensity, TwAitter, TweetFeel Biz, PeopleBrowsr

  • Eunice Zachry Hill, Director Civilian Agencies Sales, Attensity
  • Ryan Bell, President, TwAitter
  • Jean Davis, Co-founder, TweetFeel Biz
  • Jodee Rich, Marketing Team Leader, PeopleBrowsr
12:55 pm Lunch and Networking Break
1:40 pm Case Study
Twitter and Advertising

  • Chelsea Marti, Manager of Social Media for TurboTax and Quicken, Intuit
1:55 pm Panel
Real-Time ResponseOrganizations use Twitter to listen to stakeholders and respond. How is real-time search changing communications, customer service and crisis management? How do you scale your organization to respond to every customer, in real time?

  • Dan Luxenberg, Web 2.0 / Social Media Lead, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Richard Pesce, Social Media Communications, Sprint
  • David Puner, Communications Manager, Dunkin’ Brands
  • Andrew P. Wilson, Web Content Account Manager, Department of Health and Human Services

Moderator: Christopher J. Dorobek, Co-Anchor, Federal News Radio

2:35 pm Case Study
Twitter for Non-Profits

  • Scott Harrison, President, charity:water
2:50 pm Case Study
Twitter and Branding

  • Rick Bakas, St. Supéry Vineyards & Winery
3:05 pm TWTRCON OpenMike

Moderator: Susan McPherson, PR Newswire

3:20 pm Networking Break
3:40 pm Keynote
Real-Time CampaignsSuccessful political campaigns focus on their supporters, not their candidate. The real-time web is powering bottom-up movements that are shaking up traditional politics and organizations. How can business, government agencies and non-profits harness the power of Twitter to achieve their campaign goals?

  • Joe Trippi, Principal, Joe Trippi & Associates
4:10 pm Panel
Geo-location & MobilityThe real-time web is coming to your block. How will location-specific real-time information create new business opportunities?

  • Darren Koenig, Director of Wireless, LBS and Consumer Markets, Tele Atlas
  • Jonathon Linner, CEO, Brightkite
  • Michael O’Connor,President,

Moderator: Rob Pegoraro, Consumer Technology Columnist, Washington Post

4:50 pm Debate
The New Rules for the Real-Time BusinessWhat’s next for Twitter and other real-time micro-blogging platforms? How are life-streaming, intimacy and transparency changing the way we work – and what do organizations need to do to adjust?

  • Rohit Bhargava, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence
  • Frank Gruber, Product Strategist & Evangelist, AOL
  • Clay Johnson, Director, Sunlight Labs
  • Steve Rubel, Senior Vice President, Director of Insights, Edelman Digital

Moderator: Tonia Ries, CEO, Modern Media

5:30 pm Closing Remarks
5:35 pm Cocktails and Networking Reception