• Macfack

    @BigPartnership Nice to see they were prepared, I reckon the UK team were probably focusing on the announcement of 2500 new jobs yesterday.

  • adamkmiec

    @RealtimeReport another great job of solid reporting @adage could learn from this.

    • RealtimeReport

      @adamkmiec Thanks!

  • WarrenWhitlock

    @DavidALee that’s exactly what I thought. Next comes the posts giving McD’s advice on what went wrong :)

    • DavidALee

      @WarrenWhitlock At least they are trying…beats what a majority of orgs are (or really aren’t) doing with social media!

      • WarrenWhitlock

        @DavidALee “beats what other not doing” as not sign of success.. but I get your point. Glad they aren’t calling it “proof SM doesn’t work”

        • DavidALee

          @WarrenWhitlock TV ads still flop after all these years but don’t get the attention of trying new tools. With setback comes learning.

        • WarrenWhitlock

          @DavidALee I didn’t even see it as a setback… just a glitch in execution

  • topherwilliams

    @vanhoosear haha I love me some #McDStories, do you have a favorite?

  • LeBrainBoy

    @WarrenWhitlock Countless articles citing McDonald’s failure = a McDonald’s failure. Perception IS 9/10 reality. Your 2% figure? Irrelevant.

    • WarrenWhitlock

      @LeBrainBoy did I say 2%? I missed that. I assume nothing. The story is far from over

  • thebrandbuilder

    @jeffreypjacobs Well… Remember that Rick is the guy who also couldn’t tell the difference between Foursquare check-ins and foot traffic.

    • jeffreypjacobs

      @thebrandbuilder no question not well-baked from concept. But, the headline mongering and link baiting was pretty bad. Stats what they were.

      • thebrandbuilder

        @jeffreypjacobs It probably isn’t my place to suggest it but McDonald’s probably needs to make some changes in that dept.

        • jeffreypjacobs

          @thebrandbuilder gotta believe seat is pretty hot. Just didn’t like “don’t let the facts get in the way of good story” journalism by many.

        • thebrandbuilder

          @jeffreypjacobs This stuff isn’t rocket science. It’s one thing to get weak results. It’s another to stumble every time you take the field.

        • Annamae6421Bren
      • thebrandbuilder

        @jeffreypjacobs I’m not saying anyone should get fired. But… changes nonetheless. Roles changing, new blood brought in… something.

      • thebrandbuilder

        @jeffreypjacobs I look at the McDonald’s SM program and it’s… well, it’s a head-scratcher. They should be scoring wins, not fumbles.

        • j_barrick

          @thebrandbuilder It’s like they temporarily forgot how divisive their brand can be. cc: @jeffreypjacobs

  • bcarroll7

    @AJLagar Thanks for the RT! Hope you are doing well!!

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  • http://twitter.com/sophiebenink Sophie Benink

    Big brands should take the risk of losing control but always keep their social capital in mind. In this new media era a company like McDonald’s cannot stay behind. Increasing their “green” image is done best by sharing the actual farmers’ stories with their customers.

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