#MashTag: The World’s First Twitter Beer

Brewdog #MashTag

Image: BrewDog website

BrewDog, a Scottish craft brewery, recently unveiled the first beer crowdsourced from social media users.  The brewery asked its followers on Facebook, Twitter and the brand’s blog to vote on all aspects of the beer’s creation using #MashTag.  ABC News labels it as “the world’s first alcoholic beverage to be developed entirely by social media users.”

“Every single element of that beer was decided by the public,” BrewDog spokesperson Sarah Warman told ABCNews.com.

Thousands of people on social networks submitted their feedback – via #MashTag – to create an American brown ale aged with oak chips and hazelnuts for a “very Christmas-y” flavor, says Warman.  Participants voted on multiple aspects of the beer’s creation, including:

  • alcohol content
  • malt content
  • hops
  • style
  • label design
  • aging bits
  • the beer’s name

The crowdsourcing took place at the end of March; over the course of 5 days, fans voted on the categories above.  After more than 5,000 votes, the beer was revealed on May 31st.

The social media inspired brew is now available in participating drinking establishments in the U.K. and for sale on the brewery’s website.

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  • Tive

    Love the idea. Arvo beer did the same last year so I’m not sure Mashtag were the first ;). http://vimeo.com/57012949

    • http://therealtimereport.com/ Tonia Ries

      Love the way Arvo crowd-sourced their brew via an app – thanks for sharing that. Now we need a taste-off between the Arvo lager and the #Mashtag brew!

    • http://therealtimereport.com/ Marissa McNaughton

      Thanks for finding and sharing this!

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