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68% of Canadians are Online, More Than 50% Use Facebook

A study from comScore indicates that Canada has a greater percentage of online users than any other country in the world.  68% of the Canadian population is online, while France and the U.K. are at 62%, Germany at 60%, and the U.S. at 59%.  According to Social Times, Canada also ‘dominates’ social networking service Facebook, with 50% of Canadians using the service.  The number of Canadian Twitter accounts increased by 75% in 2010. Continue reading

8% of U.S. Adult Internet Users Use Twitter; Users More Likely to Be Young, Urban Minorities

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has released the first-ever report that exclusively examines Twitter users.  The results in this report are based on data from telephone interviews of U.S. adults conducted from November 3-24, 2010.

According to the report, 8% of American adult internet users are Twitter users, and 2% say they use it on a typical day.   With 74% of American adults identifying as internet users, this means that population of Twitter users amounts to 6% of the entire U.S. adult population. Continue reading

Only 35% of U.S. Public Sector Twitter Accounts Engage in Conversations

Digital think tank L2, together with researchers from George Washington University and NYU, has released its first annual Digital IQ Index for the Public Sector (PDF), measuring the effectiveness of Web sites, digital marketing, social media, and mobile platform support among 100 different public sector groups.  The report includes a ranking of these agencies based on their Digital IQ: 5% fall into the “Genius” category (NASA, The White House, PETA, U.S. Army and DNC),  20% are “Gifted,” but the largest percentage (29%) are still “Feeble,” with a Digital IQ of less than 70.

Social media makes up 20% of the score, and the report includes a number of findings about public sector use of social media tools: Continue reading

85% of U.S. College Students Say Social Networks Make Them Feel More Connected

mtvU, The Jed Foundation and The Associated Press have collaborated on a survey of of 2,207 undergraduate students ages 18-24 at 40 randomly chosen four-year colleges. Similar to the recent Harris Interactive survey, which reported that social networking led to a greater sense of connectedness (but at the expense of in-person relationships), these interviews, conducted by Edison Research in September 2010, focused on how digital networks impact inter-personal communications and stress levels among teens.

Continue reading

37% of All Tweets are From Asia; North America Drops to 31% of Tweets

Paris-based monitoring company Semiocast has released the results of an analysis of  2.9 million messages gathered over a period of 24 hours, on June 22nd, 2010. Statistics were obtained by processing user-declared locations with Semiocast’s semantic multilingual tools, as very few tweets are actually geotagged (0.6% compared to 0.5% three months ago).

According to the Semiocast data, which was reviewed by Thomas Crampton, users in Asia account for 37% of tweets, while the U.S. now only accounts for 25% of messages on Twitter, down from 30% in March 2010. Continue reading

U.S. Internet Users Spent 41.1 Billion Minutes on Facebook In August

New data from comScore shows that, for the first time, U.S. internet users spent more time on Facebook this August–a total of 41.1 billion minutes–than on any other major site.   Google was second with 39.8 billion minutes and Yahoo fell to third, with 37.7 billion.

In terms of traffic, Yahoo edged out Google in August to become the top site, with 179 million unique visitors. Google had 178.8 million, followed by Microsoft with 165.3 million.  Facebook remained the fourth-ranked site, at 148 million, up from 145.5 million in July. Continue reading