How Music Fans Used Twitter to Get KLM to Provide Them a Plane

A lot of folks from the Netherlands wanted to attend the Ultra Music Festival and related parties in Miami this coming March, but were upset that no nonstop flights exist between Amsterdam and Miami. So a group of folks in the Netherlands threw a challenge to Dutch airline KLM: if we can get 351 people to agree to fly that route, will you route a plane that way?

Yes said KLM. So the group of DJs, promoters, labels reps and professional party people, calling themselves Fly2Miami, went on Twitter to organize, according to a posting on Springwise. They launched a call for reservations and within five hours every seat was booked.

Bowing to public demand, KLM promptly agreed to add the special flight to its itinerary. It’s definitely the first time the airline has deployed an aircraft because of a request on Twitter – and probably will not be the last. It’s certainly a step up from Groupon and other daily deals.