Realtime Customer Service Case Study: @DeltaAssist at #RLTM NY 11 [Best of the Backchannel]

Part 15 of our summary of tweets from #RLTM NY 11 Realtime Conference attendees. These tweets summarize the Case Study titled “The Realtime Brand From 30,000 Feet,” presented by Allison Ausband, Vice President, Reservation Sales and Customer Care, Delta Air Lines.

The ROI of @DeltaAssist's realtime customer service initiative include a 7% improvement in customer sentiment.

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@moon: Allison Ausband @DeltaAssist is on stage #RLTM

@Zendesk: We think @deltaAssist did a fab job using twitter for support during all those blizzards last winter: #rltm #custserv

@BrandTechNews: #rltm Allison Ausband, Delta Airlines: real-time conversation means real-time response. World’s largest airline, but we need to be human

@DarryleP: “Having a twitter account is like having a fulltime ongoing focus group. ” @DeltaAssist #RLTM

@Zendesk: .@DeltaAssist uses 12 full-time agents to handle Delta’s Twitter feed 24/7. They’ve responded to 60,000 customer issues. #rltm

@Du4: Noticed this at #RLTM: there are miles of difference between “consumer” and “customer.” Choose either appellation w/ great care.

@OurManinSH: Listening to Allison Ausband from Delta sharing out on @deltassist – “these social media actions help us to connect with customers” #RLTM

@neilglassman: Allison Ausband @DeltaAssist speaks openly of superior cust serv via Twitter as a competitive advantage #RLTM

@RealtimeReport: Delta also created online ticket counter on Facebook, targeted toward family/friend reunions, and @DeltaAssist facebook page #RLTM

@SocialFlow: .@delta is using Facebook to enhance reach around social occasions in which ppl book travel: reunions, weddings… #RLTM

@nwjerseyliz: #RLTM Considering how many frustrated Tweets I see from passengers stranded by airlines, it’s interesting to hear about Delta’s social media

@GinnyCooper: Glad to say I’m flying @Delta to and from #RLTM. Great presentation re: @deltaassist

@SocialFlow: Key lesson from @deltaassist’s experience on Twitter: responsiveness is key to enhancing return business #RLTM