KLM To Launch ‘Social Seating’ Service

KLM To Launch 'Social Seating' ServiceLooking to do some in-flight networking? KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning to launch a “social seating” service, where passengers will be able to link their social media profile to their check-in information, and then choose a seating partner based on the social media profiles of other passengers.

This service, which KLM hopes to launch in the next year, will be available to all passengers checking in online, although passengers can choose whether they want their social media profiles to be made available to others on the flight. The social seating concept – sharing profiles from Facebook or LinkedIn – could create solid networking opportunities for business travelers, as reported by Radio Netherlands.

The service has not yet been ‘officially’ announced, but was discussed by a top executive at a recent conference.

What do you think?  Will passengers want to open their social profiles to other (unknown) passengers in the hopes of expanding their network?