Introducing The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools

The Realtime Report's Guide to Influence Measurement ToolsLast December, I announced that we would be producing a guide to influence measurement tools.   Well, it’s taken twice as long as I had planned, and the resulting Guide is double the size.  But it’s done!

This Guide is not for the faint of heart.  We look at personal influence measurement tools–Klout, Kred, PeerIndex, TweetLevel and PeekAnalytics–which measure the influence of individual social network users.  And we also look at a set of contextual influence measurement tools from TRAACKR, mBLAST, SpotInfluence and Appinions, which are designed to look at influence in the context of topics, subject matter expertise, and how conversations are shaped and shared online.

There are lots of screenshots, charts, nuts-and-bolts analysis, and a test drive to see how the results from the different tools compare.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • the business cases for influence measurement tools
  • the difference between personal influence measurement and contextual influence measurement
  • best practices for using influence measurement tools to manage influencer relations and power perks promotions and other marketing programs
  • how the tools work–what they do well and where they fail
  • a comparison of the results you get from the different personal influence measurement  tools
  • how to analyze the size and demographics of an online influencer’s audience
  • how to identify influencers in a given topic or area of expertise
  • how to use influence analysis to manage brand strategies

We’ll be posting excerpts from the Guide in the coming weeks, but you can buy and download the entire 64-page copy of The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools right here for $20. We hope that you’ll find it to be not only useful & informative, but also a big time-saver for those of you who are using or evaluating tools like this for your business.

A lot of people helped to make this undertaking possible.  Thank you to the vendors who were generous with their time, answering lots of questions, and agreeing to provide access to premium-level tools to evaluate.  I’m especially grateful to two marketing experts, V3‘s Shelly Kramer and Zoetica‘s Kami Watson Huyse, who shared insights on best practices based on their experience in working with analytics tools and managing digital marketing campaigns, and to all of the other social media and marketing professionals who have offered their expertise and encouragement along the way.  And a big thank you to the entire team at Modern Media and The Realtime Report–everyone put in extra hours to help get this project done.

Get The Realtime Report’s Guide to Influence Measurement Tools today.