Pinterest Contest: Harrods Fan Will Inspire Royal-Themed Window

Harrods Pinterest ContestUK department store Harrods is using a Pinterest contest to engage consumers and creative fans of the brand.  Harrods is asking consumers to “pin” images for a store window with the theme “Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee Street Party.” The winner will be flown to London to see the unveiling of a Harrods window inspired by their mood board on Pinterest.

Harrods is promoting the Pinterest contest through its popular Facebook page, where the brand’s 202,000 fans can find directions for the contest.  The brand is also spreading awareness through its Twitter account (with over 101,000 followers) with tweets like, “Who would like to design one of the world famous #HarrodsWindows? Then take a look at this very ‘Pinteresting’ board..”

Any resident of Britain can “pin” images for the “Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Street Party” themed store window, but they must do so on a board titled “Harrods Street Party Window.”  Once the pinning is complete, participants have to tweet @HarrodsofLondon with a link to the board, and the hashtag #HarrodsWindows.

Harrods Pinterest Contest: A Sample "Pin" from HarrodsThe brand also created its own themed board -with images are of past Harrods windows, Union Flags, afternoon tea food and beverages and royalty-inspired trinkets – to inspire potential contest participants.

The final date for submissions is April 19th.  The contest winner will receive a flight to London – and a hotel stay – for the reveal of the Harrods window inspired by their Pinterest mood board.

“The windows at Harrods are probably some of most famous window displays in the world and they’re giving a chance to be a part of that history,” said Ron Schott, senior strategist at Spring Creek Group, Seattle, told Luxury Daily.  “You’ve got to think, for a person who grew up looking at the beautiful window displays at Harrods, having the chance to inspire one of their own has to be just incredible.”

The Pinterest contest is part of Harrods’ larger efforts to build engagement and loyalty through social media, and to draw in a new, more digitally savvy crowd.  This platform in particular “does an excellent job of marrying personal creativity with brand image,”  says Mr. Schott.

What is your brand doing to engage fans on Pinterest — now the third most popular social network in the U.S.?