JetBlue Launches Online Game Show For “Real People Playing In Realtime”

JetBlue has a new realtime trick up its sleeve: a live, online game show entitled “JetBlue Getaways Presents Get Away With It.” The game show is the centerpiece of JetBlue Airways new advertising campaign for the airline’s vacation package travel service, JetBlue Getaways.

Information about the show – and how to become a contestant – went live one week ago, and the actual show will appear five times a day for five days, from June 18 through June 22nd.  Featuring 15 minute episodes, “Get Away With It” will be live-streamed from a studio in New York, one of the airline’s biggest markets.  Viewers can access the show via a section of the JetBlue website.

The show features host Mark Hammerberg (a character played by Jim Conroy), sporting slicked-back hair and a sleek mustache, who will quiz the contestants with questions about travel and JetBlue Getaways travel packages. Contestants then have the opportunity to win some of the JetBlue vacation packages.  The intro video plugs it as “real people playing in realtime” to win tickets to the “hottest destinations.”  And for those who don’t make it onto the show, the “Get Away With It” website will include interactive games (minus the host and live play) until July 6th.

The game show is being promoted through print, online and outdoor ads; ads during the in-flight programs on JetBlue aircraft; ads in JetBlue airport terminals; and ads embedded in the television program listings, as reported by The New York Times.  Viewers can interact with the show through a variety of mobile and social media, including AdoTube, Appssavvy, Buzzfeed, Facebook, SocialVibe, Twitter, Viggle and YouTube.

JetBlue is known for finding innovative ways to advertise.  Marty St. George, senior vice president for marketing and commercial strategy at JetBlue, told The New York Times that “There are certain expectations among our customers that we’ll always communicate with them in new, fun ways.”

JetBlue's online game show host

Will this kind of cheeky, branded entertainment be popular with JetBlue’s “younger, affluent, digitally savvy” market?  According to Mr. St. George, “if this does well, we’ll do it another time.”