Social Media Marketing: Burberry Launches New Campaign on 10 Social Platforms

Burberry, a “digital darling” among luxury brands, recently launched its Autumn/Winter 2012 collection across 10 different social platforms, according to L2.  The digital campaign is reaching beyond Burberry’s website to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and four Chinese social sites: Sina Weibo (a Twitter-like microblogging site), Douban (content site), Youku (video) and Kaixin001 (social).

Burberry Social Media Campaign Uses 10 Different Platforms (image: Burberry Facebook post)The brand is not only present and reaching a diverse audience on a variety of platforms; it is showcasing different parts of the collection on specific platforms:

  • Facebook and Twitter have individual images featuring stylized runway looks
  • YouTube has a series of short films about the collection
  • Instagram has a selection of campaign images
  • Pinterest features exclusive, behind-the-scenes photography from the photo shoot
  • Burberry’s website has a shoppable video with campaign images; users can purchase directly through the photo and video gallery

Burberry fans on social media have multiple ways to view and engage with the new collection, and the campaign also features an exclusive song – ‘Indigo Home’ – from model/musician Roo Panes on iTunes.

While the brand does not actively converse with fans on social media (according to L2), the wealth of content it offers on these platforms have helped to garner over 13 million fans on Facebook, 1.1 million followers on Twitter, nearly 38,000 subscribers on YouTube (and over 14.6 million video views), over 6,600 followers on Pinterest, nearly 3,000 followers on Instagram and over 990,000 Google+ users have added Burberry to their circles.

Are these fans engaging with the new content?  L2 reports that one of Burberry’s latest campaign images, released on Facebook, garnered over 20,000 “likes” in less than 24 hours.