Follow @MellowMushroom Pizza on Twitter, And They’ll Follow You Back — In Real Life

Mellow Mushroom Mascots Follow You Back - In Real LifeFor those of you who still have power, here’s a quick distraction from Sandy updates: check out this hilarious (and weird) social media campaign from Mellow Mushroom Pizza.

“Follow us and we’ll follow you” is the tagline, supported by several videos of ridiculous mushroom-outfitted mascots ‘following’ around random people who have followed the brand on Twitter.  The premise: if you follow @mellowmushroom, the pizza chain may send its “scary-yet-smiley yellow mushroom mascot” to ‘follow’ you back – in real life (Huffington Post).


Here’s a compilation of Mellow Mushroom’s quirky video ads:

“The notion of being stalked…unsettles most of us on some level, allowing the campaign to successfully tread a fine line between goofy and edgy,” says AdWeek.  What do you think? Did it make you laugh – and wonder where the nearest Mellow Mushroom Pizza is?