Lost A Sock? Betabrand Has You Covered With Facebook-Powered Insurance Program

If you buy a pair of socks from Betabrand and then lose one of those socks (within a year), the clothing company will replace the missing sock at no charge – provided you upload a funny photo to the Betabrand site and Facebook.  The campaign – or “sock insurance” as the brand calls it – is a brilliant way to interact with consumers on Facebook, and a great customer service effort.

 Betabrand Sock Insurance Social Media Campaign

In order to be eligibile for sock replacement, consumers must buy a pair of Betabrand insured socks – and have a Facebook account to upload the funny photo of their lonesome sock.  Once a sock is lost, consumers can visit any Betabrand Insured Sock page to submit a claim, “which basically involves you uploading a funny photo and sharing it on Facebook.”  And the brand doesn’t just stop at one – Betabrand will replace up to two single socks per pair!

But without a Facebook account and uploaded photo, your other foot will remain sock-less.  Betabrand says, “To claim your replacement sock, you must upload a photo. We’ll then send you a beautiful new foot covering lickety-split.”

Betabrand Sock Insurance via social mediaOnce a sock is replaced, Betabrand encourages consumers to “share the joy” and upload a photo of “the happy couple.”

It’s a great campaign – Betabrand makes consumers happy by replacing the missing sock, and consumers promote the brand to their social network with a fun, personal photo.

For a fun explanation of the Sock Insurance program (“your feet are in our hands”), watch the Betabrand Sock Insurance video: