Durex #1Share1Condom Campaign Helps Fight AIDS

In support of World AIDS Day, Durex created the #1Share1Condom Twitter hashtag campaign to help fight the spread of HIV.  From November 26 through December 1st, Durex offered to donate one unused condom for every tweet with #1Share1Condom and for every share of the World AIDS Day image or video on Durex USA’s Facebook page.

[tweet https://twitter.com/Durex_USA/status/274597268529745922]

These condoms were donated to global and local charities that work to prevent the spread of HIV.  The effort is capped at 2.5 million, and the live ticker on 1share1condom.com shows that Durex is very near to reaching that limit (new tweets are being shown on the ticker, even though it’s past Dec 1st).  The 2.5 million figure represents the 2.5 million people newly infected with AIDS in 2011, according to UNAIDS (AdAge).

Durex USA Supports World AIDS DayBased on AdAge’s calculations, that equals over $600,000 worth of condoms at retail prices, or $0.24 per tweet, like or share.  Kevin Harshaw, marketing director of personal care at Reckitt Benckiser, said “This year, we have decided to use our global market presence to create an initiative that will get the world talking and sharing.”

With over 2.1 million shares in one week, it appears to be working.