TD Bank Invests in Google+ To Boost Search Results

TD Bank is going against the grain of social marketing and investing primarily in content on Google+, hoping to gain better search results for customers looking for local banking options.  While previous social media efforts have focused around a main corporate Facebook page and Twitter handle, the new “Bank Human Again” campaign is meant to make TD Bank content more accessible to those searching for neighborhood banks.

The Google+ campaign features 96 unique videos with footage of local New York City stores and interviews with store managers.  The videos will appear on new, local Google+ pages for TD Bank locations in New York City.  TD Bank CMO Vinoo Vijay told AdAge that the company hasn’t even created Facebook pages for individual, local stores – this effort has only been made on Google+.

How does TD Bank know that their investment in Google+ will pay off in terms of search results? The content will be used in “hyper-locally targeted display ads” — when New York City residents click on the ads, they will see the video for their local bank.  The company is not buying search ads to draw traffic to their Google+ pages, but Mr. Vijay told AdAge that he “thinks they will rank prominently based on the effort put into maintaining them.”

“Our ultimate goal is for more consumers to walk into our stores by giving them content that makes the store much more accessible,” he told AdAge.

Will TD Bank’s Google+ social strategy pay off in terms of search results?  Does it make sense to have pages for local stores on Google+ but not on Facebook?