London’s Regent Street Launches Social Media Hub 24/7

#RegentStreet tweetRegent Street, one of London’s major shopping streets, recently launched 24/7, a “social media hub” that allows consumers to find the latest news and engage – in realtime, on multiple social media platforms – with the shops, restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels in the area.

The customized social media hub – accessed through – links customers to over 100 Regent Street brands on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud and YouTube. Consumers can engage with the community 24 hours a day through conversations on #RegentStreet, #HeddonStreet, #SwallowStreet and others.

Regent Street Social Media Hub

Users must sign in to engage with the 24/7 content, and the social media hub maintains an ‘Archive’ that showcases social media from previous hashtag conversations.

“We are delighted to offer shoppers and visitors from all over the world a new way of engaging and enjoying their Regent Street experience,” says David Shaw, Head of Regent Street Portfolio, The Crown Estate. Regent Street is a popular choice for global brands opening flagship stores.

How much engagement – and actual traffic – will this customized social media effort create for Regent Street?