Weather Channel Promotes #TornadoWeek With ‘Twitter Stunt’

The Weather Channel's Tweet-powered TornadoThe Weather Channel is premiering the ‘Twitter stunt’ as a marketing tool in a fun campaign to promote #TornadoWeek.  This week, the Weather Channel’s interns are working at desks that have been placed in a “Twitter-powered tornado.”  The more tweets that are sent with #TornadoWeek, the higher the office tornado’s wind speed will rise.

If Twitter mentions make it up to 1 million, the interns will be working in wind speeds equivalent to an EF-5 tornado (a minimum of 200 mph winds).  The action is streaming live on YouTube and on the Weather Channel, so tweeters can see the effect of their efforts.  They can also interact directly with the interns by tweeting @TornadoWeek.

Currently, the #TornadoWeek tweets are at 37,664, and the effective wind speed is 131 mph in the office.  And if you’re worried about the interns, Mashable reports that they’re subjected to “effective wind speed, not actual wind speed; it is a representation of how it feels in the room.”