Beer + Facebook: Budweiser’s ‘Buddy Cup’

Drinking beer doesn’t just make it easier to meet people – now it also helps you make Facebook friends. Budweiser’s new Buddy Cup connects beer drinkers on social media: using a built-in chip integrated with Facebook, one clink of their glasses and users become Facebook friends.

How do the cups link up with your Facebook profile? Users scan a QR code on the bottom of the glasses with their smartphone, and link the cup’s chip to their social networking account.  Each time a user toasts another Buddy Cup, a message pops up on their Facebook wall, notifying friends about the exchange and the resulting new Facebook friendship.

Business Insider calls it “the ultimate social media drinking receptacle.”

Check out the commercial here:

The Drum reports that “The aim of the “Buddy Cup” is to enhance brand activation and increase the interaction between Budweiser consumers attending the brand’s sponsored parties, concerts and festivals.”

While it does seem like fun, you have to wonder how much time people have spent un-friending ‘random’ people after a long night of drinking (and toasting with the Buddy Cup)…