American Airlines Partners With Klout, Offers Perks For Social Influencers

Social media users with a high Klout score have a new perk available: those with a score of 55 and above can qualify for a one-day pass to American Airlines’ Admirals Club in 40 different airports.  This is one of the latest additions to Klout’s “perks” program, introduced back in 2010, which offers rewards to those with high Klout scores and/or social “influence” in a particular area.

 American Airlines Admirals Club

Klout introduced this new perk last week — and it is available to high Klout scorers regardless of whether they’re booked on an American Airlines flight. Admission includes benefits like free Wi-Fi and beer.

According to AdAge, the American Airlines promotion is broadly targeted, not aimed at users who live in a particular area or who have any specific expertise.

Brands that partner with Klout in this way hope that social media influencers will take advantage of the perks, and then share their experience – via social media – with a large social network.  Some brands, like Chevrolet, have even used Klout for product launches.

Klout recently delivered its one millionth “perk,” and partnerships have included major brands like Sony, Nike, Microsoft, Disney, Audi, Gilt and many others.  What do you think?  Has your brand tried influence marketing?