French Bank BNP Paribas Engages Fans With #TweetandShoot

BNP Paribas #TweetandShoot Twitter CampaignThought marketers were running out of creative ways to use Twitter?  BNP Paribas, a French bank, found a new Twitter marketing concept — one that appeals to tennis fans in particular.  The #TweetandShoot campaign allows Twitter users to control robots that send tennis balls at tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on the court.

The campaign – designed and developed by digital agency We Are Social – is timed with the build-up to the French Open, sponsored by BNP Paribas.  According to ClickZ, followers can “tweet to Twitter-controlled robots who will hurl tennis balls at Tsonga live on the court.”  The balls will come from a variety of angles, and tweeters will even choose where to place their ball, using a drag-and-drop interface on the web.

To participate, fans log in to the campaign’s website using their Twitter name and password; the robot chooses tweets at random among those submitted.

The event will be live-streamed on the campaign’s website today, 3 days before the French Open takes place on Sunday, 5/26.

“I’ve always loved a challenge and when BNP Paribas asked me to take part in a world-first experience to mark its 40-year partnership with Roland Garros, I was immediately intrigued. Being trained by fans on Twitter a few days ahead of the French Open – what a daring challenge,” Tsonga told ClickZ.

Watch a video promoting the campaign here: