Heineken’s #Dropped Campaign Invites Fans to Achieve Legendary Status

Heineken #Dropped Campaign

Following in the style of Dos Equis’ pervasive “Most Interesting Man” marketing campaign, Heineken (parent company of Dos Equis since 2010) has written another manly-man-centric chapter into its now three year-long running “Legends” campaign.

#Dropped is the fifth installment in Heineken’s “Legends” campaign, which began back in December 2010 with “The Entrance”, a video showcasing the ‘arch manliness’ of the ideal Heineken drinker. Unlike previous incarnations of Legends, however, #Dropped welcomes fans to participate in its brand-formation.

To participate, potential contestants are asked to submit short videos on either Vine, Vimeo, or Tout documenting – in legendary style – an everyday journey in their lives. After uploading the video, all the contestant needs to do is tweet a link with “#Dropped” by June 17.

Winners will be “dropped” into a environment such as the Alaskan tundra, and followed by a film crew as they navigate difficult terrain, interact with the local color, and face any manner of obstacles in their attempt to return home alive.

Think Les Stroud’s “Survivorman” but in episodic fashion, and with viewers following along via social media and tracking the contestants’ progress through journal entries. All episodes can be watched on the Heineken Dropped YouTube channel.

“The fifth installment of our Legends campaign,” Heineken global communications director Sandrine Huijgen writes in a release, “demonstrates our commitment to providing rewarding experiences to those who are willing to use their resourcefulness.”

Responses have largely been favorable, other than the confusion arising for the Heineken Twitter account manager regarding the multiples uses of “#dropped” (ranging from dropping classes, dropping an album, LSD, etc.), and from similarities with another web show (on the Sportsmen Channel), which shares the same title and is based on a somewhat similar concept.

Check out the #Dropped trailer below:

So far, the campaign has seen over 14,000 likes from six #Dropped posts on Facebook, and fairly modest interactions on Twitter and YouTube. It’s a serial ad campaign, however, so views are likely to increase as the stories continue and the cast of “regular” dudes transforms into an ensemble of Legends.