Hanes #Undercovercolor Campaign Asks “What Color Are You Wearing?”

Is it uncouth to ask a young lady the color of her underwear?

Hanes #undercovercolor campaignNot at all, according to Hanes. The underwear brand has asked its Twitter followers to tweet the color of their skivvies to @hanes — for a chance to show the world that underwear is something to be proud of, and also to win prizes.

Participants are encouraged to go to Hanes’ campaign site undercovercolor, where they pick a color from the underwear color wheel (great reinvention of the wheel) and then select an accompanying tile. Each one contains a cute phrase that participants can tweet out to their followers.

For instance, if I were wearing blue underwear, I might pick the tile “My undies are blue. Water yours?”.

Tweets are tracked and used to report trending colors throughout the day – a lighthearted twist on metrics that shows Hanes followers where in the world red underwear is being worn and what, if anything, that says about under-fashion at any given moment.

Included in the fun is a giveaway taking place through August 30th, where Hanes’ partner and fashion blogger Gala Darling has curated “stylish fashion finds” to send to lucky tweeters.

The campaign is similar in concept to competitor Fruit of the Loom’s 2012 campaign targeting fit young 20-somethings, but more modern (focused around a hashtag) and edgy.

Hanes is launching #undercovercolor on the heels of a tremendous follower uptick on Facebook (7,308 followers in August 2012 compared to 2.8 million in August 2013).  The @hanes account currently has just under 14,500 followers; will the campaign fuel tremendous growth on Twitter as well?

Are you reaching out to younger audiences on Twitter in a fun, quirky way?