Realtime Billboard Changes With The Weather

La Redoute realtime weather billboardFashion is fickle — and so is the weather.  French mail order fashion company La Redoute brought the two together with an innovative realtime advertising campaign, called ‘Le Billboard Météo.’ These special billboards – outfitted with temperature and rain sensors – went up around Paris in January 2013 to help the brand market the right clothes for current weather conditions.

The campaign harnessed realtime data to market clothing more effectively to consumers; as the temperature dropped, the billboard model would wear warmer clothes – and vice versa.  When it was raining, the model would sport an umbrella, trench coat, and boots.

Check out this video to see the live weather billboard in action:

By constantly reacting to the changing weather conditions, Le Billboard Météo kept La Redoute’s billboard ad relevant for passersby at any time of day or night.

How is your brand making use of realtime technology to keep advertising fresh and relevant?