Johnson & Johnson #EyePledge: Selfies For A Good Cause

Johnson & Johnson #EyePledgeSelfies aren’t just the product of self-love or admiration; a new campaign from Johnson & Johnson is turning them into a form of donation.  The brand’s new “Take the #EyePledge” campaign is meant to educate participants (and their social connections) about the the importance of eye exams, and to raise funds for Sight for Kids, a nonprofit that provides eye exams for needy children.

How does it work?

  • participants take a selfie of their eye using their mobile phone
  • uers post their eye selfie through the Donate a Photo mobile app (free to download via Apple’s App Store or Google Play)
  • participants also promise to get their eyes tested
  • eye selfies (and the Sight for Kids donation) can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #EyePledge
  • users can upload one photo per day for the charity

Johnson & Johnson will donate $1 for every eye selfie uploaded to the app, up to $30,000; the money goes to Sight for Kids, which has provided free vision screenings to millions of children in Asia Pacific since 2002 (Mobile Commerce Daily).

Johnson & Johnson's mobile campaign to benefit Sight for Kids

What inspired the campaign?  World Sight Day is October 10, which is geared around a global call-to-action to “Get Your Eyes Tested.”

The concept behind the app was a simple one, taking an action people do every day, and turning it into a way to do good,” said Gary Esterow, senior director of public relations at Johnson & Johnson Vision Care (Mobile Commerce Daily). “Selfies are rapidly becoming a popular genre of pictures for people of all ages. We felt this was a fun and visually appealing way to engage people on this subject and deliver a call to action to get their eyes tested.”