Brands Trick Out Their Vines and Instagrams with #Halloween Treats

Aside from Tide, who seems to have stolen the show this Halloween with their Carrie-themed spots, many brands are promoting their cheer for the great American day of candy, costumes, and Jack O’Lanterns on Vine and Instagram with varying degrees of success, interaction-wise.

These are some of the best, some of the most popular, and some of the weirdest Halloween treats from brands on Vine and Instagram:

  • Target’s Vine spot is cute-scary, or scary-cute, but it’s mainly weird – endearingly weird. It got 17 retweets and 17 favorites (coincidence, or Halloween magic?). Their most popular Halloween themed interaction was this photo, but I still prefer the petulant pumpkin.
  • Clothing/lifestyle retailer Urban Outfitters’ holiday spot got creative with 90’s nostalgia, demonstrating to consumers how Goosebumps can inspire nail decoration (38 retweets, 75 favorites).
  • Although this Lowe’s Vine is suggesting that we spray bleach on our Jack-O-Lanterns this year (?!), their main idea of DIY, MacGyver-like solutions comes through (20 retweets, 10 favorites).
  • America’s second most popular beer, Coors Light (InBev’s Bud Light is #1), posted a few college-humoresque Vines from early in the month during their #Coorstume campaign. The campaign didn’t exactly catch on in terms of participation from fans, but I’m certain there will be plenty of Wizard staffs bearing the Coors Light name on any given college campus in the country.
  • America’s most well-known hard cider, Woodchuck, re-posted an Instagram from @saraliner that combines what all over 21-year-old’s want from Halloween: a socially acceptable time to double binge on candy and booze (310 people, including me, “liked” this photo).

What was your favorite Halloween themed Instagram or Vine this year?