British Airways #LookUp Ad Follows Flights in Realtime

What’s the best realtime advertisement you’ve seen lately?  Our favorite for today is the #lookup ad from British Airways, appearing at Piccadilly Circus and Chiswick Towers in London.

The ad is timed to show a young child looking up and pointing as actual planes fly overhead, showing the flight number and destination.  (And yes, British Airways confirmed, via comments on YouTube, that the flight information is “factually correct.”)

Having an ad that corresponds to what’s happening in realtime (in this case, a plane flying overhead) is an incredible way for a brand to get attention while being relevant.  Observers can share in the excitement of the “child” on the billboard — maybe even remembering times when watching a plane still created a sense of wonder and amazement.

We have to agree with @megmroberts on this one:

Watch the Piccadilly Circus ad here:

Have you seen any ads that incorporate realtime events?  What was your favorite?