‘Hands On Ron Burgundy’ Mobile Game Promotes Dodge Durango, Anchorman 2 Movie

Brands partnering with celebrities or movies to make a funny video is nothing new. But Dodge, in partnership with “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” (from Paramount Pictures) is adding a fun competition element to that familiar formula.

Seeking a new way to interact with fans, Dodge added the “Hands On Ron Burgundy” digital and mobile competition to stir up some buzz about the 2014 Durango.

Anchorman contest for Dodge Durango

The premise?

Based on the “Hands On A Hard Body” contest (where contestants compete for a vehicle by keeping their hands on it the longest), this new endeavor is meant to be “a throwback to Ron’s era” in terms of the contest concept. And it’s just plain funny/ridiculous: the website states, “Ron Burgundy has touched the lives of millions. Now millions will touch him.”

How it works:

  • consumers can access the competition through a mobile-optimized microsite or through Funny or Die’s web site
  • consumers must connect to their Facebook or Twitter account to play the game
  • they compete by “touching” Ron Burgundy (via a circle that moves around) for the longest time (touching=clicking a mouse on desktop or pressing a button via smartphone)

“We saw incredible engagement with the videos and this was a way to take engagement to its most extreme—how long can people possibly spend with this campaign?” Melissa Garlick, head of Dodge brand advertising, told Mobile Marketer.

To ensure engagement, Dodge is providing some serious incentives:

  • each participant’s highest score is entered in the competition for a 2014 Dodge Durango
  • there’s also the chance to win three trips for 2 to NYC for the Anchorman 2 premiere on Dec. 15
  • as the competition continues, hundreds of smaller prizes will also be awarded (including movie tix)

The competition closes November 25, but until then fans can play as many times as they want in order to get a higher score.  A leaderboard allows participants to see the top contenders throughout the contest.

How does this work out for Dodge? Visitors to the site can scroll down to “Watch Ron Do Dodge.”  This means watching short videos and playing “mini-games” about the Dodge Durango on breaks between “touching” Ron Burgundy.

Ron Burgundy Promotes Dodge Durango
If you click no, then “no” switches to “yes”

And apparently it’s working: Mobile Marketer reports that Dodge’s web site traffic has increased 80% since launching the partnership with Anchorman 2 and Paramount — this number should only increase with the addition of the new game/contest.  In addition, sales of Durangos went up 59% last month, and the video ads have garnered more than 7 million views on YouTube (Businessweek).

The ads – which can also be found on Dodge’s YouTube channel – “turn traditional automotive advertising on its ear” according to AutoNews.  And the best part for Dodge? The automaker gets to share the cost of the ads with Paramount, since the campaign also serves as a promotion for Anchorman 2.  Plus, we have to admit: Ron Burgundy makes a pretty good car salesman.