¿Yo Quiero Taco Bell? Soon You Can Order From Your Mobile Phone

Taco Bell launching mobile ordering app [image: Wikipedia]Craving some Doritos Locos Tacos? Taco Bell is about to make ordering even easier, with the introduction of mobile ordering. The fast food chain’s consumers will soon be able to use a mobile app for easy, efficient ordering — without ever having to place a call.

Taco Bell’s fairly young audience already use their smartphones constantly throughout the day, meaning the brand can reach consumers readily in the mobile space, and offer personalized options.  Jeff Jenkins, senior manager of mobile experience at Taco Bell, told Mobile Commerce Daily that “More than 60 percent of Taco Bell orders are customized,” so with mobile ordering, “We can provide a more personal experience that removes the pressure of having to decide on an order quickly, and strengthen the consumers’ confidence in customized orders.”

Here’s how it works:

  • users download the Taco Bell ordering app, and see a menu and message tailored to that time of day
  • they can also view calorie information, nearby locations, hours and directions
  • users can place custom menu orders, and have the option to save their favorite orders
  • the app will suggest drink and dessert options if none have been ordered
  • customers pay using a credit card or Taco Bell gift card
  • the order can be picked up in-store or by drive-thru — customers can choose upon arrival

The app has some great features. Users will see a different opening screen tailored to the specific time of day, prompting the user to look at lunch specials or late night snacks, depending on when they’re accessing the app. Even better, though, is a GPS locator in the app that notifies the kitchen when a customer who placed an order is nearby, allowing Taco Bell to have the food ready and hot exactly when the customer arrives for pickup.

Taco Bell tested the app recently in southern California; the chain’s 5,600 locations around the country should see the app later this year.

Are other restaurants embracing mobile ordering?  Several national pizza chains (Papa John’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut) have already done so, as well as a few other chains, including Chipotle and Jersey Mike’s.

What do you think?  Will mobile ordering soon become standard for fast food chains?