E!’s Instagram Wall Brings Social TV To A New Level

We’ve all seen plenty of news about Twitter and social TV — but what about Instagram? Last week, E! News and E! Online announced a move into uncharted territory: using Instagram for social TV.  Known by many for its coverage of the red carpet at award shows, the entertainment channel has now created an “Instagram Wall” to showcase top celebrity accounts on Instagram.

E!'s Instagram Wall - The 10 Hottest Celebrities
The 10 Hottest Celebrities on E!’s Newly Launched ‘Instagram Wall’

Using its own scoring system, E! will “dynamically” rank the top 200 celebrities on Instagram.  The just-launched Instagram Wall is available 24 hours/day on E! Online and “featured regularly on air” (Lost Remote).

The Instagram Wall features:

  • the E! Social Score, which “determines the true popularity of content,” tracks the top 200 celebrities and shows the most viral photos in real time
  •  a Trending Hub, surfacing the most popular photos of the day in addition to the top 10 trending celebrities on Instagram
  • an Activity Section: this feature sorts photos based on popular or event driven hashtags (like #TBT), and also contextualizes content around big pop culture moments
  • a Top 200 Celebrities view “that lets users explore the full breadth and depth of content within the Instagram Wall”

On the air, the E! News team can interact with the ‘Instagram Wall’ through a touchscreen monitor. Online, responsive design allows users to access the Wall’s content from any device.

Here’s a look at how it works:

It’s a fun, innovative concept – who do you think will try it next?