Realtime NY Workshops

Realtime NY Workshops will run adjacent to the main program, and provide an opportunity for participants to delve into specific realtime, social and mobile skills and best practices in more detail.   Each workshop will be 40 minutes long; we are planning a total of four workshops.

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Realtime NY 11 Workshops:

1. Lessons From The Start Up Bus: How to Cultivate Organizational Entrepreneurship in Your Team!

Instructor: Bill Brister, Start Up Bus : Miami 2011 | @IceJunkies

Why Cultivate Organizational Entrepreneurship?

Imagine a time when rather than “Friend” or “Like” a company; consumers interact with it on a daily basis.  As businesses grow their customer base, being approachable and openly, immediately communicating with customers will set you apart and positively affect buying decisions.  But to make this work at an enterprise level, cultivating a “Start Up Bus” experience within your company is essential to embrace realtime business opportunities.

What You’ll Learn:

This workshop will cover how to build a creative and focused team, remove barriers of distraction and tap into your passionate workforce.  Learn how to:

  • Use social media tools to encourage collaboration
  • Make everyone responsible for “customer service”
  • Take advantage of the brain power of your network inside and outside the office
  • Learn to love, not fear, “real” realtime communication
  • Define empowerment

2: How to Curate Content  on Twitter for Thought Leadership

InstructorAngela Dunn, Idea Designer and Digital Consultant, Blogbrevity | @blogbrevity

Why Curate Content on Twitter for Thought Leadership?

According to Harvard Business Review, if you are an executive with designs on the C-suite, building a personal brand is not enough, “Becoming a thought leader is what will make you irreplaceable and indispensable.” So what is “content curation” and how does it help you build thought leadership? Content curation is the process of finding, organizing, and delivering online content that resonates with the people you want to engage and influence. Effective content curation for Twitter can net you real-time business intelligence and help you build social capital.

What You Will Learn

  • You will learn the keys to a robust online presence and how to effectively use Twitter.
  • You will learn how the new world of real-time social search interprets the content you share.
  • You will get an “Executive Toolkit” of quick and effective ways to mine and share content on Twitter.
  • You will learn how to take control of your interest graph for influence on PeerIndex and Klout.
  • You will learn the difference between curation and engagement.
  • You will learn how Twitter Chats can build thought leadership.
  • You will have a step-by-step guide on “How to be a Thought Leader DJ” by curating content on Twitter.

3. Alone in the Nest – How to Manage Twitter as a Solopreneur

Instructor: Ginny Cooper, Founder, The Cooper Group | @GinnyCooper

Why Learn to Manage Twitter?

Because if you don’t, as a solo entrepreneur (or small business), it can manage you! Not everyone on Twitter is a big brand, influential personality, or generously funded non-profit with a huge market/global reach/big budget. Not every business can hire staff dedicated to building/maintaining relationships and reputations online in real-time. And quite frankly, most solopreneurs or small businesses engaged in brick and mortar operations or providing professional services that do not derive their income directly from Twitter and other social media cannot afford to waste time online.

What You’ll Learn:

This is the first step that every entrepreneur/small business considering using Twitter should take!
1. How to decide if Twitter is right for you – GASP! (or I’m Only Here Because My PR Person Said I Had to Be!)
2. How to manage your reputation, generate leads, grow your business and contribute to the conversation (or What is a Bird in the Hand Really Worth?)
3. How to apply tried and true strategic planning methods to Twitter in order to maximize your investment of time and other resources (or Who Am I Following, Who’s Following Me and More Importantly – Why?)

4. How to Network Effectively Using Realtime Tools

Instructor: Perri Gorman, Director, Options Group New York | @bethebutterfly

Why Realtime Networking?

This topic is important because while many people are used to using tools like Twitter and Hashable now, taking those connections to a level beyond “chatting” is surprisingly something many people have difficulty with.  This workshop will be a discussion about networking:  how to put in place daily best practices and a routine for networking, with tools like Twitter, Hashable, Bettween, Plancast and other tools that allow users to “watch” their network, in order to expand the conversation.  In my experience many people are not even clear about who they want to connect with and have difficulty getting outside their immediate network to create new opportunities.  This workshop will use live audience examples to demonstrate how people can go about using these tools effectively.

What You’ll Learn:

  • New ways to look at using Twitter, including the use of lists in order to watch certain groups of people.
  • A brief overview of Hashable, Bettween, Plancast
  • Examples of how to use all of these tools together to not only deepen connections but to expand one’s current network strategically.
  • Examples will include targeting influencers and potential sponsors for Non-Profits
  • Examples of approaching people for Sales/ Business development
  • How to make the most of online/offline connections
  • How to research an event before you attend to make sure you make the most of your time