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Please note that the agenda posted below is subject to change.  #RLTM NY Workshops will run concurrently with the main program as indicated below.

Monday, June 6, 2011

7:30 am Breakfast & Registration
8:00 am
Pre-conference Keynote

Twitter for Business

From social media etiquette to integrating social media into your organization: don’t miss this overview of the fundamentals of real-time business success.

  • Laura Fitton, Founder,
8:50 am Break
9:00 am

Welcome to Realtime

  • Tonia Ries, Host, Realtime NY
9:05 am
Panel Discussion

Listen Up! Turning Conversations into Business Opportunities

Learn how brands listen and engage with thousands of customer conversations, and how they’ve fine-tuned and scaled that skill set within their organization.

  • Randall Brown,   Director of Digital Engagement, Gatorade
  • Jeff Cole, Senior Manager, Global Social Media Operations, Kellogg
  • Frank Eliason, SVP of Social Media,  Citibank
  • Victoria Harres, Director, Audience Development,  PR Newswire
  • Moderator: Stephen D. Rappaport, Knowledge Solutions Director, ARF
9:45 am
Case Study

Show Me the Money (Part 1):  The Value of Being Liked

Eventbrite has measured the actual dollar value of a tweet and a Facebook Fan

  • Tamara Mendelsohn, Director of Marketing, Eventbrite
10:00 am
Case Study

The Future of the Realtime Brand

Brands need to move their culture from engaging to co-enabling .  Find out how PepsiCo is scaling its realtime business strategies.

  • Shiv Singh, Head of Digital, PepsiCo Beverages
10:25 am
Realtime Tools

Realtime Response: QR Codes

  • Linda Passante, CEO, Founding Partner, The Halo Group
10:30 am Refreshment & Networking Break
11:00 am
Panel Discussion

Right Time, Right Place: Getting Customers to Check In

Hear the latest case studies from brands at the cutting-edge of location-based marketing–and find out what’s coming next from some of the top geolocation platforms

  • Steve Boom, President, Loopt
  • Adrian D. Parker, Social Media Director, RadioShack
  • Siobhan Quinn, Product Manager, Foursquare
  • Matthew Shadbolt, Director of Internet Product & Marketing, The Corcoran Group
  • Moderator: Michael Schneider, Senior Vice President, Digital Incubator, Allen & Gerritsen
11:00 am
Workshop #1 (Lucille’s Grill)

Lessons From The Start Up Bus: How to Cultivate Organizational Entrepreneurship in Your Team!

  • Instructor: Bill Brister, Start Up Bus : Miami 2011
11:45 am
Case Study

Twitter on TV: Will Integrating Realtime Content Get Big Ratings?

Bravo has created tools to generate buzz and let fans engage with its shows and characters 24/7. What’s working and what’s next for Twitter and entertainment?

  • Lisa Hsia, Executive Vice President, Bravo Digital Media
  • Mark Ghuneim, CEO and Founder, Wiredset, Trendrr
11:45 am
Workshop #2 (Lucille’s Grill)

How to Curate Content on Twitter for Thought Leadership

  • Instructor: Angela Dunn, Blogbrevity
12:05 pm
Panel Discussion

CSR and Social Media: The Business Case for Taking a Stand

How do you measure the business value of doing the right thing–and balance business and social considerations in realtime?

  • Kellie McElhaney, Director of the Center for Responsible Business, Haas School of Business
  • Susan McPherson, Senior Vice President, Fenton
  • Ebele Okobi-Harris, Director, Business & Human Rights Program, Yahoo!
  • Jenna Petroff, Public Relations & Social Media Manager, Hardee’s
  • Moderator: Cathy Brooks, Founder, Other Than That
12:30 pm
Realtime Tools

Managing the Social Business

  • Jesse Engle, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Social Media Lab, ExactTarget
12:40 pm Lunch & Networking Break

Book Launch & Signing
  • Meditation in the Age of Facebook and Twitter by Ajit Jaokar, futuretext
1:45 pm
Case Study

McTrends: Starting Buzz and Managing Rumors

McDonald’s has used Promoted Trends to launch products, but has also had to manage trending rumors in realtime.  Learn about the perils and opportunities of managing realtime buzz.

  • Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, McDonald’s
1:45 pm
Workshop #3 (Lucille’s Grill)

How to Manage Twitter as a Solopreneur

  • Instructor: Ginny Cooper, The Cooper Group
2:05 pm
Case Study

From User to Customer: How Good Design Creates Engagement

Realtime content requires great packaging. keeps donors and teachers engaged by making it easy for them to connect.

  • Oliver Hurst-Hiller, CTO & EVP Product,
2:20 pm
Case Study

Hashtag Battles And Other Realtime Plays That Score

Find out how the NHL has used Twitter hashtags, Promoted Trends, Facebook games and other innovative realtime campaigns to engage fans.

  • Michael DiLorenzo, Senior Director of Social Media Marketing and Strategy, NHL
2:30 pm
Workshop #4 (Lucille’s Grill)

How to Network Effectively Using Realtime Tools

  • Instructor: Perri Gorman, Options Group New York
2:40 pm
Case Study

The Realtime Small Business: Get Out the Neighborhood

You don’t have to be big to be a realtime brand: the East Village’s Nuyorican Poets Cafe increased ticket sales 30%, doubled the number of events, won a grant from Google and got a write-up in the WSJ.

  • Daniel Gallant, Executive Director, Nuyorican Poets Cafe
Panel Discussion

Realtime Platforms, Applications and Value Systems: Where Do We Go From Here?

Will Twitter find its business model? Should micro-blogging be an open source application? Should users own their content?  Should brands care?

  • Ajit Jaokar, Founder, futuretext
  • Steve Klabnik, Founder,
  • Joe Sarmiento, Business Development, UberMedia
  • Moderator: Tonia Ries, Founder, #RLTM Realtime NY
3:15 on
Realtime Tools

Say the Right Thing, at the Right Time

  • Frank Speiser, Co-Founder, CEO, SocialFlow
3:20 pm Cookies & Networking
3:45 pm
Case Study

The Realtime Brand From 30,000 Feet

Delta has a ticket counter on its Facebook page, and provides proactive customer service on Twitter. Find out how the airline keeps its customers happy in realtime.

  • Allison Ausband, Vice President, Reservation Sales and Customer Care, Delta Air Lines
4:05 pm
Case Study

Show Me the Money (Part 2): Realtime Coupons, Bottom-line Conversions

Pretzel Crisp’s Fans have been downloading coupons from its Facebook Page. Find out how many converted into customers.

  • Jason Harty, Director of Field & Interactive Marketing, Pretzel Crisps
4:25 pm
Panel Discussion

In the Realtime Toolbox

Tools and best practices for managing your real-time business strategy

  • John Eaton, CEO, YouCast
  • Scott Oppliger, CEO, SocialVolt
  • Ragy Thomas, CEO, Sprinklr
  • Moderator: Laura Fitton, Founder,
4:50 pm
Closing Panel Discussion

Influence:  Can You Earn it, Buy it, Measure it?

The bottom line:  using realtime social media to get consumers to take action. The billion-dollar question: how do you do it.  Join us for a debate on the pros and cons of a number of different approaches.

  • Gilad Lotan, VP, Research and Development, SocialFlow
  • Derek Ray, Co-Founder, VP Media,
  • Duleepa “Dups” Wijayawardhana, Co-Founder/CEO, Empire Avenue
  • Kevin Winterfield, Corporate Digital Strategy and Development, IBM
  • Moderator: David Armano, EVP, Global Innovation & Integration, Edelman Digital
5:25 pm Closing Remarks
5:30 pm Networking Reception

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