Facebook Contest: Doritos Crowdsources Super Bowl Ads

Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Facebook ContestDoritos is crowdsourcing the brand’s Super Bowl ads for the seventh year in a row, through the “Crash the Super Bowl” Facebook contest.  The brand asked for entries from Oct. 8th through Nov. 16th, and has now narrowed it down to five finalists.  Two of these five ads will run during the SuperBowl – one chosen by the brand, one chosen by the public.

What are the contest prizes? The ad that scores highest on USA Today’s AdMeter is the winner, and the ad’s creator will get to work with Michael Bay on the Transformers sequel – and, if the ad tops the AdMeter, will also win $1 million.  The second-place winner will get $600,000, and third-place will win $400,000, as reported by Mashable.  The others will win $25,000 and a trip to New Orleans to see Super Bowl XLVII in “a private luxury suite.”

Participants entered the contest via an app on the Crash the Super Bowl Facebook page.  This year’s contest featured a new app that brought “a higher level of connectivity to the contest, allowing for social interaction between participants.” Users were encouraged to help each other through a collaboration tool called Pitch In (Co.Create).

View all five ads on the brand’s Crash The Super Bowl Facebook page and choose your favorite.  (It’s worth it – we promise you’ll laugh at least once.)  Then vote – and if you really want one to win, you can vote once per day via desktop, and also once per day via mobile/tablet.

Doritos knows it has a winning formula with crowdsourcing ads, and adding interactive features to the app encourages even more engagement. We also like the emphasis on getting people to vote for their favorites via mobile, not just desktop.  Smart move, since 92% of mobile video viewers share video content via mobile.

After you vote, tell us your favorite — then we’ll tell you ours.