Top 10 Realtime Report Blog Posts in 2011

Top 10 The Realtime Report Blog Posts in 2011 #RLTMIt’s that time of year, and we couldn’t help looking back to see what our most popular #RLTM posts were in 2011.  Check them out below:

  1. Privacy Fail: Klout Has Gone Too Far.
  2. Twitter Brand Pages: How the First 20 Brands Are Using Them (Full Gallery)
  3. KLM To Launch “Social Seating” Service
  4. Social Media Nightmare: Citibank “Has Customers Arrested.” Video Goes Viral. Now What?
  5. How Coca-Cola Doubled its Facebook Fans in 6 Months
  6. Facebook Marketing: Newsfeed Impressions Matter More Than the Number of Fans
  7. 77% of Fortune Global 100 Companies Use Twitter
  8. Blogger Relations #Fail: ConAgra Cooks Up a PR Disaster
  9. US Mobile Internet Use to Increase 25%, Smartphone Use Nearly 50% in 2011
  10. Klout is Broken. Here’s Why.

Surprised a different post didn’t make the top 10 list?  Let us know in the comments!