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Your #RLTM NY Blog Posts


People are posting some great stories and coverage of Monday’s #RLTM Realtime Conference. We are collecting them in this blog post as we find them, and will keep updating this post as we find more! Last Updated: July 6, 2011. Read →

What to Expect at #RLTM Realtime NY 11 on Monday, June 6

RLTM Monkey says Whats your realtime business strategy

If you produce live conferences, you soon learn to expect the unexpected. Ideally, the behind-the-scenes chaos does not affect the audience experience. And serendipity is part of the magic of participating in a live event: you never know who you’re going to meet, what someone’s going to say, or who’s going to show up with a bullhorn.

But while our exact plans for #RLTM NY, like much in life, are subject to change, we have a very clear vision of what we hope to accomplish this coming Monday. Read →

UPDATED: How Intuit and GiffGaff Leverage High-Influence Customers to Co-Create Value

giffgaff web site image - skull with mobile phone on the brain

Companies need to transition from defining customer segments based on potential spending power to also including metrics driven by softer, social network analyses and a customer’s potential influence, according to a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, Re-envisioning customer value. But merely offering financial incentives is not enough, since this is a non-repeatable strategy. Once it becomes known that an influencer is receiving benefits from a business, other people will trust them less. So how can an organization engage with influencers effectively? The answer is value co-creation–finding ways to amplify the voice of influential customers, providing them with access to the appreciation of others and giving them a forum for product collaboration. Read →

Call for Instructors: Realtime NY Workshops

Workshop slide deck

We’re excited to announce that we are adding Workshops into the Realtime NY program, and we are looking for experienced, dynamic Realtimer’s to suggest and lead two of the four Workshops at Realtime NY 11. Want to lead a Workshop at Realtime NY? Here are the details… Read →

Press Release: Realtime NY 11 Speakers to Include Social Media Innovators from Citibank, McDonalds, PepsiCo, …

rtny11 small

NEW YORK, May 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The Realtime Report and Modern Media today announced that Realtime NY 11 (, hashtag #RLTM), a one-day conference on the business use of realtime, social and mobile technologies taking place June 6, 2011 at B.B. King Blues Club in New York, will feature case studies and best practices from social media experts at leading brands. Read →

Why Realtime NY 11 Will Be Taking Place at BB King’s!


Pattie Simone interviewed me at The ARF’s recent Re:think 2011! conference, shortly after we’d announced the name change from TWTRCON to The Realtime Report. Watch as we talk about the story behind the name change, and why Realtime NY 11 will be taking place at a Blues Club! Read →

Come to Realtime NY. Learn New Stuff. Or Your Money Back.

Nic Adler from the Roxy at TWTRCON SF 10

The bottom-line reason you should register now to be at our Realtime NY 11 event on June 6 is because we never forget that you need to deliver business value, and so we pack the day full of 10 hours of case studies and panel discussions with speakers who are actually in the trenches, leading social media and realtime business strategies for their organizations. And if you come to Realtime NY and you don’t learn something new, just stop by the reg desk and let us know you want a refund. No questions asked. Read →

Get Ready for Realtime NY 11: Real Brands, Real Business Value (and a few surprises…)

BBKings Marquee small

We are super excited about our next event: Realtime NY 11 will be on June 6 (the first day of Internet Week New York!), at BBKing’s — right in the heart of NYC on Times Square. Here’s a preview of just some of the social, mobile and realtime business themes we’re building into the agenda. Read →

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